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"Your classes were the best training investment I ever made for my teams."
– Siemens

Negotiation seminars conducted by Ed Brodow
Negotiation Boot Camp
is Ed Brodow's fully-customized negotiation seminar that includes role-playing exercises written exclusively for your group. For two decades, Negotiation Boot Camp® has set the standard for "how to make a deal" in corporate America. These negotiation seminars are available in any timeframe from one hour to two full days.

Negotiation Boot Camp® is built around customized, interactive role-playing case studies – supported by lecture, discussion, and entertaining video clips. Content ranges from the traditional concepts of hardball negotiating to cutting-edge material that includes The Three Rules for Win-Win Negotiating and techniques for communicating constructively. In these negotiation seminars the strategies and tactics are practical and real-world: participants will be able to use them immediately to improve assertiveness, listening skills, problem-solving, and the ability to reach profitable agreements.

"Negotiation Boot Camp was the first business seminar worth both my time and my money. I got my money back in my first negotiation!"
– St. Joseph Healthcare

Customization: Not Just Another Negotiation Seminar

The main selling point of Negotiation Boot Camp® is the extensive customization. This means that your group's negotiation seminar will be truly one of a kind. Many hours are spent interviewing your participants to learn how they negotiate. Role-playing exercises are written specifically for your group. These in-depth case studies incorporate your real-life negotiations, including: your product/service specifications; your pricing; your customers and suppliers; your competitors; and your industry buzz words. Participants develop their negotiation skills by interacting with one another in the identical situations they encounter on the job.

"This was absolutely the best course I have ever taken. I learned more in one day of Negotiation Boot Camp than I did in my entire two-year Stanford MBA program!"
– Seagate Technology

FTI Consulting role-play in Scottsdale

Topics included in Negotiation Boot Camp®:

  • The ten traits of successful negotiators
  • Getting others to give you what you want and thank you for it
  • Convincing a hostile opponent to work with you instead of against you
  • Preparing for your next negotiation
  • How to set winning goals
  • Recognizing negotiation tricks and tactics before it's too late
  • The Three Rules for Win-Win Negotiating
  • Making concessions smartly
  • The Columbo Method for finding out what the other negotiator is thinking
  • Overcoming intimidation and emotional obstacles
  • Selling your products/services at higher prices
  • Negotiating with a sole source
  • Communicating your ideas constructively
  • Dealing with anger
  • Distinguishing real issues from entrenched positions
  • Individual and team strategies
  • Understanding the psychology of the buyer and the seller

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Negotiation Boot Camp® is a registered Service Mark of Ed Brodow Seminars, Inc.

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