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Negotiation Expert, Author & Speaker

Ed Brodow is the world's top spokesman on the art of negotiation. Former SEC Chairman Harvey Pitt dubbed Ed "The King of Negotiators." Forbes Magazine agreed, ranking Ed as one of America's leading dealmakers. He is the bestselling author of six books including Negotiation Boot Camp, In Lies We Trust, and Beating the Success Trap. Ed has appeared as negotiating expert on PBS, ABC National News, Fox News, Inside Edition, and Fortune Business Report.

Negotiation Keynotes & Seminars

In this turbulent economy, the ability of your employees to negotiate can make the difference between success and failure. Ed Brodow's keynotes and seminars are full of exciting strategies for:

  • Closing profitable sales at higher prices
  • Getting the most out of your purchasing dollars
  • Winning the cooperation of others to get the things you need
  • Communicating more effectively with customers, vendors, employees, and each other
  • Protecting yourself from other people's tactics
  • Feeling confident in every one of life's encounters, both business and personal

The Negotiation Speaker of Choice

These groups have chosen Ed Brodow as their negotiation speaker: Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, AT&T, Starbucks, Philip Morris, The Hartford, Raytheon, Johnson & Johnson, Hyatt, The Gap, McDonald's, KPMG, ConAgra, Exxon Mobil, American Express, McKinsey, Oracle, Novartis, Levi Strauss, British Aerospace, Revlon, Seagate, Noranda, Kimberly-Clark, the IRS, and the Pentagon.

View Ed's negotiation speaker demo video

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