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Beating the Success Trap

Beating the Success Trap Ed Brodow has written a book called Beating the Success Trap: Negotiating Your Own Path to Success. It is now available as an interactive seminar. In this timely presentation, Ed will show your audience how to redefine success in a way that reflects their own personal values. In the process, they'll discover the joy that's missing in their jobs and lifestyles. It will help them to become more productive, and so it will enhance your company's bottom line.

Topics covered:

  • How to create your own definition of what it means to be successful.
  • Ed's process for determining if you are a personal success.
  • Nine secrets for discovering your real needs.
  • Techniques for creating the lifestyle you've always wanted.
  • Ten secrets for reclaiming your personal power.
  • How to get more satisfaction from your job.
  • Overcoming fears about making constructive changes in your life.

This life-affirming new program will infuse your next meeting with lots of positive energy and will motivate your audience to reach their potential.

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Beating the Success Trap seminar conducted by Ed Brodow

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