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Ten Tips for Successful Negotiating

Ten Tips for Negotiating in 2018

Negotiation is your most important interpersonal tool. This is Ed's "top ten" list of negotiation strategies to help you make better deals and get your needs met.

  Articles about Negotiating, by Ed Brodow
Forgotten Art of Listening

The Forgotten Art of Listening

Listening is one of the most important skills for successful negotiators. Ed shares his secrets for becoming a great listener, plus techniques for asking smart questions.

  Walking Away from a Sale

Walking Away from a Sale

Three powerful reasons why salespeople must always be willing to walk away from a deal, excerpted from Negotiation Boot Camp.

How To Get the Salary You Want

How To Get the Salary You Want: Twelve Negotiation Tactics That Work

Salaries are more negotiable than you think. Ed describes a dozen techniques for persuading your employer that you are worth more.

Don't Pay List

Don't Pay List: Negotiating the Best Deal for Your Money

Ed shows how to stretch your paycheck by negotiating better deals for goods and services. As featured in Smart Money magazine and on Fox News.

Dimmer or Dimwit - A Lesson in Persistence

Dimmer or Dimwit: A Lesson in Persistence

This real-life story illustrates how negotiators are assertive and refuse to take no for an answer.

Why Negotiators Live Longer

Why Negotiators Live Longer

A scientific correlation has been established between assertiveness and longevity. This article explains how you can negotiate your way to the age of 100.

Humor in Negotiations

Negotiation Is No Laughing Matter -- Or Is It?

A firm believer in the use of humor in negotiation, Ed describes three practical reasons for having a few well-placed laughs.

Negotiators Like to Take Risks

Negotiators Like to Take Risks

Ed advocates taking reasonable risks based on reliable information. In this article, he describes the pros and cons of being a risk-taker.

The Importance of Saying No

The Importance of Saying No

Ed explains why saying no can help to create satisfied customers.

Acting Techniques for Speakers

Acting Techniques for Speakers

Ed shares ten secrets he learned as a professional actor that have made a huge difference in his speaking career. One of the top-rated presentations at the National Speakers Association Convention in Dallas, Texas.

Dramatic Conflict, Character Development, and the Wolf

Dramatic Conflict, Character Development, and the Wolf

Ed explains how the character trajectories in his novels are based on inner conflict that mirrors his own life.

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