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What clients are saying about negotiation speaker Ed Brodow:

Negotiation speaker Ed Brodow

"Outstanding opening keynote—you were rated the best out of our eight speakers. Your win-win negotiation strategy was just what we needed to hear."
Turnaround Management Association 

"Ed received the highest review of all our outside speakers, which have been many."
American AgCredit 

"Ed Brodow was the ideal choice for our keynote speaker. He was magnetic, charismatic, and captured the attention of everyone. In these days of banks and bailouts the ability to negotiate is paramount and no one understands it all better than Ed."
Golf Course Superintendents Association 

"Ed repeatedly receives the highest evaluations. We consider our business partnership with him to be of great benefit to our employees."
Seagate Technology  

"We had two objectives: (a) laying out a framework for negotiating effectively; (b) bringing fun and unique illustrations to really bring forth the steps in the framework. Ed did both very effectively."

"A huge success which far exceeded expectations. The word 'customization' does not do justice to the end product Ed delivered."
The Hartford Insurance   

"Ed is a great story teller and presents the information in a way that truly sticks with people. The team absolutely walked away energized!"
Ritz-Carlton Hotels   

"The feedback from our managers was that the concepts and approaches could be immediately applied to their jobs."
National Semiconductor  

"I can tell you, it is not easy to find such a good speaker as Ed! He was fantastic and, from zero to ten, audience gave him 9.7. Negotiation speakers from Harvard Business School we had hired in the past never got such a grade."
Machado Corporate Brazil  

"You have a great gift in speaking to people without lecturing and that creates a group that is interactive and excited to learn. Thanks for making us all better negotiators."
Mission Foods National Sales Meeting  

"I am certain your fee will prove to be the wisest money we have ever spent."
Heat and Control  

"The content of your program, the delivery, and especially the customization of the material was appreciated by all."

"Your ability to adapt your presentation to our market, address our specific needs, and even understand our competitors was impressive to say the least. I can't thank you enough."

"Ed's humor, storytelling ability and information kept everyone in their seats. His excellent keynote offered good insights and principles that can be used, not just in professional negotiations, but in every part of life."
National Electrical Contractors Assn  

"Your presentation received very high scores from all members of our leasing team."
Glenborough Realty Trust  

"Your kickoff to our annual meeting was fantastic! We use your book every week to train our staff."
Hornblower Cruises  

"Our group of sales professionals thoroughly enjoyed the information you shared at our National Sales Meeting. The extra time you spent interviewing our attendees certainly showed!"

"Every time I hear Ed speak I learn something new!"

"Great work on the IREM conference. You were phenomenal. Your customizing of your keynote really struck a chord with our attendees."
Institute of Real Estate Management  

"I had so many positive comments about your presentation today, I thought it was important to pass on the feedback immediately. Fantastic job."

"It is difficult to commend Ed too highly. I cannot think of any group that would not appreciate what he has to say and how he says it."
Association Legal Services  

"The program you conducted for us was, in a word, dynamite! Your interaction with the group was flawless."

"High ratings not only for your presentation style, but for the value and effectiveness of the program itself. Such words as excellent, interesting, informative, entertaining, and educational are repeated over and over."
Raytheon Aircraft Company  

"Ed's use of humor made the information very user friendly. I left feeling confident I would be able to negotiate better starting the next day!"
American Society for Training and Development  

"Ed is the best speaker we ever had at Philip Morris."
Philip Morris USA  

"Fabulous speaker—he was very knowledgeable, warm, humorous, upbeat and memorable. Stories were perfect. Excellent delivery style."
HSMAI Affordable Meetings  

"Your humor, inquisitiveness, and professionalism made you stand out as the 'best of the best.'"

"Your presentation received the best overall rating for the meeting. That is truly an honor, since we had a number of excellent presentations during the three-day event."
Information Services Human Resource Association  

"Thanks for the outstanding negotiation presentation. I was especially pleased that you were able to tailor the program to our business."
St. Paul Bank  

"These are people who have a short attention span, but nobody got up to leave—they were spellbound and captivated."
Hyatt Hotels & Resorts  

"Ed's programs have received high marks from all our employees who have been participants."
Baker Hughes  

"You were so charming and gracious. Everyone RAVED about you after the program."
Professional Women's Network  

"Ed was superb. He is a high content speaker who knows how to get his audience totally involved. A real PRO."
Amdahl Corporation  

"Ed's masterful presentation was instrumental in laying a strong foundation for our negotiations staff."
Cardone Industries  

"Ed was a hit at our National Sales Meeting. He was funny, engaging, and his material was dead-on in terms of the areas of sales we need to strengthen."

"Excellent presenter—offered concrete solutions and good examples. Wonderful story teller."
Meeting Professionals International  

"My team was truly inspired by both the content and style of your presentation."
Quest Diagnostics  

"Superb presentation. I've received many positive comments about your discussion of the benefits of being a risk-taker in a life that's all too short."
Department of Defense-The Pentagon  

"Ed's a great presenter--I love him! I wish he were my neighbor!"
Central California Women's Conference  

"Rave reviews and absolutely no negative feedback."
Unum Insurance  

"I was impressed with Mr. Brodow's enthusiasm and ability to motivate!"
Enpro Systems  

"Excellent! Made my day! This alone was well worth the trip. I attend these conferences because of high quality speakers such as Ed."
American Chamber of Commerce Executives  

"Ed is the best speaker we've ever had!"
California Financial Services Association  

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