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In today's challenging economy, clients want (1) high content with (2) a positive business message to accompany (3) a dynamic presentation. No topic delivers all three better than negotiation. Ed Brodow's keynotes emphasize that you can overcome the current economic malaise and overtake the competition by using core negotiation skills, such as aiming high, challenging negative assumptions, and improving listening skills. Ed's stories – exciting, funny, and to the point – provide the dynamic pacing. After witnessing the hypnotic effect of Ed's presentation on the audience, a speakers bureau owner said: "I always thought it was a seminar, but now I see how powerfully negotiation works as a keynote the way Ed delivers it."

When you book Ed as your Keynote Speaker, you are ensuring that your audience will be in the right frame of mind to maximize their experience of your meeting or convention. Your audience will be:

  • Charmed by Ed's charismatic stage presence, unforgettable stories, and infectious humor -- derived from his colorful show business background.

  • Motivated by Ed's practical content and helpful ideas -- derived from his vast business experience and complemented by his standing as a negotiation expert, television personality, and author of popular books, videos, and articles.

  • Impressed with Ed's extensive customization -- he cares enough to do his homework about your group and your industry.
"It was wonderful working with a speaker who cares enough to research your group so that his keynote has that personal touch. The reviews are all great!"
– Banks of North Dakota

Ed will customize his Keynote Presentation for your event. His most popular Keynote Topics:

Keynote Speaker Ed Brodow in AnaheimLet's Make a Deal

Audiences of all ages and competencies relate to this topic because in today's challenging business climate, the ability to negotiate can make the difference between success and failure. That's why Ed Brodow's entertaining and informative negotiation keynote is always SRO: Standing Room Only. His message is that you can overcome the current economic malaise and outpace your competition by utilizing core negotiation strategies, such as aiming high, challenging negative assumptions, and improving listening skills. Clients love how Ed relates his talk to their unique issues. Ed's high energy, humorous anecdotes, and useful ideas will create an upbeat rhythm for your meeting or convention.

"We had two objectives: (a) laying out a framework for negotiating effectively; (b) bringing fun and unique illustrations to really bring forth the steps in the framework. Ed did both very effectively. He is a very bright and interesting person with intellectual breadth that is rare."
– Ahold-Delhaize

Critical Thinking

When more than 400 senior HR professionals were asked to name the most important skill their employees will need in the next five years, critical thinking ranked the highest. In this exciting new keynote, negotiation expert Ed Brodow explains how your organization can import critical thinking to improve all areas of the organization. Benefits of critical thinking: it helps maintain effective leadership, promotes creativity, improves team performance, and enables people of diverse backgrounds to work together. Critical thinking forces managers and employees to look at a situation and weigh all possible solutions before coming up with a final answer.

"Thank you for delivering an outstanding opening keynote. You really set the tone for the conference with your energy and enthusiasm, and the way you connected with the audience. In fact Ed, you were rated the best out of our eight speakers. I think every person at the conference would be happy to act as a reference for you."
– Turnaround Management Association

Optimism Is Everything

In this inspirational keynote, Ed Brodow draws on time-tested principles of negotiation to prove that the only guaranteed way to be successful is to expect to succeed. "Successful negotiators are optimists," he wrote in his bestselling book, Negotiation Boot Camp. For two decades, Ed's Fortune 500 clients have learned the five pillars of optimism: aiming high, maintaining Negotiation Consciousness, exuding the Confidence Mystique, carrying on an affectionate inner dialogue, and being willing to walk away. Companies that make it to the top are led by optimists who expect to out-do the competition and grow the business in spite of economic setbacks and other factors that have nothing to do with getting the job done. But optimism is an individual responsibility. You have to negotiate with yourself. Nobody will do it for you. “Perpetual optimism,” said Colin Powell, “is a force multiplier."

Ed Brodow keynoting for Inbrasc in Sao Paulo, Brazil

The Human's Guide to Win-Win Negotiating

Chimpanzees are hostile. Bonobos make love. Which are you? Using the unusual metaphor of our closest relations, monkeys, Ed Brodow's entertaining program proves that success happens when you treat other people as partners. The differing behaviors of chimps (adversarial) and bonobos (cooperative) remind us that win-win collaboration works best. Trust develops when you acknowledge the other side's perspective and explore options for mutual satisfaction. According to Ed's bestselling book, Negotiation Boot Camp: "If both sides feel satisfied, everything is possible." Your audience will laugh their heads off when Ed shows photos of monkeys negotiating. And they will love it when Ed challenges them to decide: "Are you a chimp or are you a bonobo?"

"You have a great gift in speaking to people without lecturing."
– Mission Foods National Sales Meeting

Ed Brodow keynoting in ChicagoSales Negotiation: More Is Better

When it comes to the selling price for your product or service, more is definitely better. In fact, closing the sale means nothing if the deal is not profitable. Ed Brodow draws on his sales negotiation experience to show your sales force how to create satisfied customers at higher prices. According to Ed, the most satisfied customers are the ones who pay top dollar because they appreciate the value of their investment. Successful sales negotiators exude confidence, focus on perceived value, and aren't afraid to say "no." Your sales force will stop discounting after they hear Ed's entertaining, real-life stories about how to turn customer price objections into value-based sales. The mantra for the rest of your sales meeting will be "More Is Better!"

"As I listened to your talk, I realized how to salvage a multi-million dollar deal that we had given up for lost. You put your finger on the cause and the solution. Thanks, Ed!"

Life Balance

Ed Brodow debunks the myths of success as he shows your audience how to negotiate a more personally fulfilling life. Based on his critically acclaimed book, Beating the Success Trap, Ed argues that balancing the competing aspects of your life is more important than money, fame, status, and power. With insight, humor, and self-revelation, he challenges our toxic definition of success: Instead of envying people who have more money or fame, create a balanced lifestyle that fits your own temperament and preferences. In this increasingly complicated world, success is the result of taking risks, maintaining a sense of balance, and appreciating the contribution you make to others. Your audience will walk away feeling more excited about their jobs and their lives.

Ed Brodow delivering the opening keynote in Athens, Greece

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