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Ed Brodow, Business Negotiation Expert

"Negotiate With Confidence" presented by Ed Brodow

Negotiate with Confidence PBS Special by Ed BrodowA successful businessperson without good negotiation skills? It's hard to imagine. This 2-hour PBS broadcast provides a set of proven strategies for negotiating in business situations. Based upon Ed Brodow's book, Negotiate With Confidence, the program shows how both parties to a negotiation can have their needs met.

The program is divided into four sections:

  1. Preparing to negotiate.
  2. How to feel powerful in a negotiation.
  3. Personality traits of successful negotiators.
  4. The Three Rules for Win-Win Negotiating™.

Filmed with a studio audience and live via satellite, Mr. Brodow answers questions from remote locations transmitted via phone, fax, and e-mail.

The program was produced by Federal Training Network and is aired regularly on PBS The Business Channel.

"Although you were not present your presence was in the room. I've been to classes where there was an instructor physically there and they haven't been as effective as the broadcast was. Your examples were very helpful and I walked away feeling 'confident' in myself. You did an excellent job! Thank you!"
– J.C. Penney

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