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Presentation Skills Training by Ed BrodowPresentation Skills: How to Succeed on Your Feet

This hands-on course will show you how to stand up and give exciting presentations. Learn how to construct a speech, overcome stage fright, maintain relaxation, develop your own personal style, and command the audience's attention. This new offering is the result of clients insisting that Ed Brodow share his charismatic presentation skills. A veteran member of Screen Actors Guild (with an impressive resume of acting roles) and a former corporate executive, Ed has a unique understanding of what it takes to be an effective business communicator. Available as speech to large audience, seminar for small/medium group, or executive coaching.

"Your class on presentation skills was rated the best session at our Annual Sales Conference in Miami!"
– Scitex America


  • Turning your nervousness into an asset
  • Constructing a speech
  • Rehearsal techniques
  • Winning over the audience before you speak
  • Opening your presentation for maximum impact
  • The power of being real
  • Using body language
  • The relaxation zone
  • The importance of humor
  • Keeping the audience's attention
  • Presentation secrets from the craft of acting (see Ed's article)
  • How to tell a story

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